Yoga Burn Reviews: What You Need to Know to Make it Work for You

Yoga Burn is a 12-week yoga fitness program that was created by Zoe Bray Cotton. It was initially known as “Her Yoga Secrets” and utilized a Dynamic Sequencing method that burns fat and calories efficiently, giving you a better shape.

Yoga Burn is divided into three instructional videos that demonstrate all the yoga poses and sequences that will make you a fitness pro in no time. Even if you have never been in a yoga class, you can rest assured that you will be able to do all the exercises of the Yoga Burn correctly, thanks to the easy-to-follow tutorials.

Who is Zoe Bray Cotton?

To understand Yoga Burn better, you need to know a thing or two about its creator.

Zoe is a personal trainer, yoga instructor, and body transformation expert. She has extensive experience in teaching different styles of yoga in commercial gyms and studios across the U.S. and Canada.

As an experienced yoga expert, she does a great job in making Yoga Burn simple and easy to follow. If you are a beginner, you can still follow along with the program without any trouble.

Who is Yoga Burn For?

Yoga Burn is a wholesome program to help women lose weight, get more flexible, and tighten up problem areas. It basically helps with anything to do with the female body.

The Dynamic Sequencing method used in the videos is suitable for both experienced and new learners. The program will adapt to your current level and constantly push you to improve.

Even better, you don’t have to practice for endless hours to see results. By completing three 45-minute classes weekly, you will slowly start getting in shape. Therefore, if you usually have a tight work schedule, this is the fitness program for you.

There is also an optional bonus class known as the “tranquility flow” that helps you unwind on your free days. This will help relieve stress and boost your metabolism.

What is in the Package?

yoga burn package cd plus dowbnloads - yoga burn

Yoga Burn is delivered in both physical DVDs and digital downloads (for computers, smartphones, and tablets). Many similar products usually come in one form, so this is a plus for Yoga Burn.

When you buy the package, you can download the digital format and start the yoga program immediately; the company will send the DVDs shortly via your preferred courier services.

There are three yoga workouts in each of the three phases. This gives a total of nine videos and some bonuses. Each yoga workout is 15 minutes long, but it plays on loop three times.

Each phase should last about four weeks. Zoe recommends that you complete all three workouts once a week, along with the “Tranquility Flow.” Hence, you only work out four days a week.

Here’s an example of an ideal yoga week:

  • Monday: First yoga workout.
  • Tuesday: Take a walk/run.
  • Wednesday: Second yoga workout.
  • Thursday: Take a break.
  • Friday: Third yoga workout.
  • Saturday: Take a walk/run.
  • Sunday: Unwind with the Tranquility Flow bonus class

Repeat this yoga schedule four times (4 weeks) in the first phase and move on to the second and third phases with a similar workout outline.

Apart from the Yoga Burn main program, you will also get a set of free bonuses. Here is a breakdown of everything included in the Yoga Burn package:

  • A Yoga Burn 12-Week Body Transformation Course (physical DVDs and online digital download).
  • A tranquility flow class for stress relief. -Bonus!
  • The audio version of each class. -Bonus!
  • Yoga Burn Monthly – an extra set of DVDs that introduces different types of yoga, including Ashtanga, Jundalini, Hatha, Vinyasa, and restorative yoga. -Bonus!
  • Immersion community – a fitness community of women that offers ongoing support throughout your body transformation journey.
  • Discount: If you purchase a second Yoga Burn copy, you get a discount. This is great if you have a friend who’s interested in the program.

At a price of only $37, you get a lot more for your money. Zoe instructs flawlessly, and the videos are high-quality.

How Does the Program Work? The 3 Phases of Yoga Burn

First Phase: The Foundational Flow

This phase introduces you to the program and builds a foundation for the rest of the phases. You will learn how to do the yoga poses and how to get the correct form.

Zoe will take you through each pose step-by-step and teach you how you’ll merge them all together in a smooth continuous flow. You’ll also learn how to catch your breath and control your core during the yoga workout. Being able to breathe properly will help you perform the poses better.

Second Phase: The Transitional Flow

This phase will teach you how to mix the poses you learned from the first phase to create unique sequences for maximum calorie burning.

Third Phase: The Mastery Flow

In this final Yoga Burn phase, Zoe will teach how to combine everything you have learned so far and turn it into an intense, high-powered body workout that will make your muscles firm and your body tone.

Towards the end of the phase, you will learn how to perform several yoga workout routines that will efficiently burn fat and shape specific problem areas in your body.

This phase aims at boosting your metabolism, building lean muscles, and getting that rocking “yoga” body.

Yoga Burn Bonuses

Along with the 12-week instructional course, you will also get the following bonuses to enhance your yoga experience.

1. The Beginner Flow

While the first phase of the program works well for beginners, it may seem a little bit complex to do it alone. Zoe addresses these beginner problems with this 45-minute instructional workout video.

The Beginner Flow has basic yoga poses and runs at a slower pace than the main videos. It also has a relaxation session that can be used by pregnant moms.

2. The Tranquility Flow

This 15-minute bonus workout aims at helping you relax and stretch your body. This flow can help you get a proper sitting and walking posture. Zoe will also teach you how to de-stress and relax your muscles before and after an intense workout.

3. Basic Yoga Pose Tutorials

Zoe understands that you may be an absolute beginner. That’s why she made this bonus DVD complete with 21 tutorials that cover all the basic yoga poses.

With these yoga basics, you will be able to take on the Yoga Burn program more easily.

Benefits of the Yoga Burn Workout

Apart from the 3-phased video program, you are probably wondering what makes the Yoga Burn stand out. Isn’t it just another yoga program? Why can’t you substitute it with a regular yoga class?

According to Zoe, there a number of reasons why the Yoga Burn program is perfect for women who would want to lose weight, boost their metabolism, and tone their bodies.

Here are some of the benefits:

1. Great Results

The program gets more difficult from one phase to another. This helps to keep you on your toes and makes your body burn more calories. As a result, you lose weight, get a better body shape, and enhance your muscle tone.

2. Quick Body Transformations

Yoga Burn is designed to target common female body problems and provide maximum visual results in the shortest time possible, without the use of any artificial substances or specific diet.

Unlike most fitness videos you’ll find on YouTube, Yoga Burn will consistently challenge you to be better and achieve your body transformation goals in just 12 weeks.

3. It Makes You Stronger

The program’s sequences can easily be tailored to your capabilities and objectives. This means that you won’t have to attempt yoga poses that are difficult for you.

Since each phase builds on the last one, you can gradually improve your skills and advance to more technical posts, hence, become stronger physically and mentally. This is one of the main advantages of the program over a traditional yoga class.

4. Especially Designed for Women

It is kind of strange that most yoga classes accept everybody regardless of gender and age. Different types of people have different needs. Since the instructors of these classes will try to cater to the needs of everybody, the quality of yoga offered is significantly reduced.

Yoga Burn is created specifically for women. It strictly aims at correcting common problem areas on the female body. This explains why it is so effective.

5. Reduce Stress at Home

Ironically, many yoga classes are not relaxing. You might be worried about other people watching you, being late to your class, held up at your place of work, and so on. All these can trigger stress hormones in your body and make you increase weight.

On the other hand, the Yoga Burn workout can be performed in the comfort of your home.

6. Can Be Used by Pregnant Women

If you’re expecting, you can take advantage of Yoga Burn’s benefits. Ensure you cover the Bonus videos – they are more relaxing and slower.

Moreover, the program will help you recover and get in shape faster after delivery.

7. 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

This is a very generous offer. More importantly, it removes all the uncertainty you may have about the yoga program. You can try it out for two months, and if you don’t see results, you can ask for your money back.

8. Bonuses

Apart from the 12-week main course, you will also get a number of awesome bonuses, including the tranquility flow class, the beginner flow class, basic yoga pose tutorials, audio versions of the videos, and more.

Cons of Yoga Burn

No product lacks shortcomings, and Yoga Burn is no exception. What makes it a great product is how minimal the shortcomings are. Here are some perceivable cons of the Yoga Burn:

1. Strictly Digital

The Yoga Burn program is packed with instructional videos. It might not be helpful for people who love live classes.

2. Rather Elementary

For those who have gone through complex yoga classes, the Yoga Burn might not be challenging enough. However, this course targets ordinary women who would like to improve their body shape; therefore, it is quite challenging for a significant population.

3. Limited to Yoga

To lose weight and get into shape, you will need to combine yoga with a healthy diet. However, the Yoga Burn program does not recommend meal plans that will go with yoga.

Preparing the right healthy meals is challenging for a lot of people.

4. Phases are 15 Minutes Long

Even though Yoga Burn is advertised as 45-minute instructional classes, each video is just 15 minutes long and plays on loop 3 times. Even though this isn’t a big limitation as repetition is essential in yoga, it should be advertised correctly.

5. Results are Individualistic

Although the Yoga Burn is a great product, it won’t work if you are not committed. The results are based on your commitment, which is not an easy thing to do for 12 straight weeks, especially due to the fact that the program becomes more difficult as you advance.

yoga burn


  • Yoga Burn program is packed with instructional videos
  • check. To lose weight and get into shape, you will need to combine yoga with a healthy diet.
  • check Phases are 15 minutes long.


  • The results are based on your commitment, which is not an easy thing to do for 12 straight weeks.


Our Rating

Good Deal

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yoga Burn legit?

Yes, Yoga Burn is a legit program that actually does what it says it does. Numerous people who have tried the program have expressed how much it has helped them; so much so that they are willing to recommend this program to just about anyone who’s ready to relax at home and keep their body in great shape.

Are 15 minutes of yoga a day enough?

If you feel a bit low it’s tempting to go for a pint, order a pizza or treat yourself to some new shoes, but putting 15 minutes aside to practice yoga every day could transform your mood (and your health) in more ways than you could imagine.

Does yoga help sexually?

Studies suggest that regular yoga practice helps reduce stress levels in the body by decreasing cortisol levels. Increased stress can have many negative effects on the body, and decreased sexual desire is one of them. Yoga may also help improve overall sexual function.

Can Yoga change your body shape?

“Yoga has the potential to increase fat loss, develop muscle tone, and build flexibility, leading to a more lean-looking physique,” says Travis Eliot, a registered yoga teacher in Santa Monica. So, basically, yes, yoga can change the way your body looks, as well as its amount of fat, muscle, etc.

How many days a week should you do yoga to see results?

You should try practicing yoga at least three times per week to see beneficial results. Practice any less than that and you won’t notice that much of an improvement. Furthermore, it is important to practice some form of sports as often as possible without tiring yourself or forcing your body when you haven’t had much rest or much of a meal. Also, at least one day a week needs to be reserved for resting and recovering.

Transform Your Body with Zoe’s Yoga Burn 

The quick and awesome benefits of Yoga Burn make the one-time purchase fee worthwhile. This is one of the best things that has happened to women and the yoga world.

If you strictly stick to your yoga program and eat healthily, you are likely to see some real changes to your body in just a few weeks. Your body transformation will depend on how much effort you put into the program.

There is also a 60-day money-back guarantee for all the Yoga Burn products you buy. So you have nothing to lose by trying it out. But once you are a few weeks into the program and start seeing results, you will not want to stop.

With the follow-on instructional guide, you will lose weight, feel more confident, tone your body, and relieve stress. If you are looking for a good alternative to the sweaty gym full of intimidating youngsters with perfect bodies, the Yoga Burn is exactly what you need.

Yoga Burn can be purchased from the official website at a great price of $37 only. Buy the product today and enjoy everything it has to offer.

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