The Yoli Diet Reviewed: 6 Things You Should Know Before Committing

For those interested in losing weight but feel they need a structured program,  the Yoli program is an option that comes with a kit to help you succeed. We’ll go over what this program includes, how it is intended to work, and what you should know.

About the Yoli Diet

The Yoli diet is a regimen by the Better Body System company, which is a health and wellness entity. The company emphasizes how their products can help with weight loss and achieving optimal health. Their mission is to help their followers transform their bodies, shed excess weight, and become healthier.

The company’s mission also includes emotional and financial transformations as a goal for its members as they attempt to recruit users to sell their products. The company offers to teach members how to properly fuel their bodies for weight loss that they can maintain through the use of “Transformation Kits” that can be purchased online.

Four men founded Yoli:

  • Robby Fender, President & CEO
  • Corey Citron, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Daren Falter, Executive Vice President
  • Bobby Jones, Executive Vice President of Strategy

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Each of the founders has a unique skill set and expertise that helped the company become successful. For example, Daren Falter is a best-selling author and spent twenty years as a business consultant. Bobby Fender has also been a successful entrepreneur and is one of the more recognizable CEOs in the industry due in part to his enthusiasm and likable personality.

Yoli also has a charitable segment called Yoli Give, which works to help communities that are in need. They partner with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help grant wishes to children who have life-threatening medical conditions. The sponsors they work with help to grant several dozen wishes each year.

Anyone can donate to the Yoli Give program. It’s also possible to set up recurring donations alongside your monthly order of Yoli products that you have set up with their Auto-shipping feature. When you purchase a Yoli Give t-shirt, a portion of that money also goes to the Make-A-Wish foundation to help with their mission.

How the Yoli Diet Works

The Yoli Diet is a series of products, each with an individual purpose that relates to weight loss and overall wellness. When you start Yoli, you’ll purchase a Transformation Kit that contains several products, including:

  • A shaker bottle
  • Protein shakes in assorted flavors
  • Instructions for how to use the products and what to eat
  • An Alkaline blend
  • Probiotics
  • “Resolve,” which helps to “strengthen your willpower.”

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The Yoli diet also promises to help regulate the pH of your body, improve your metabolism, and boost the health of your digestive tract. The company claims that first time users average weight loss of around sixteen pounds when they purchase the transformation kit and follow the instructions.

The Yoli program lasts thirty days, and some days are “meal” days while others are “protein” days. Protein days are the days that focus on getting you to eat quite a bit of protein. Meal days create balance by adding in other foods that are healthy fats and complex carbohydrates.

Regardless of whether it is a protein day or a meal day, you’ll also need to consume shakes twice a day and other supplements that are part of your transformation kit. The Yoli company is not very clear on precisely what the program meals include on each specific day, but followers have posted their own materials online to help guide new users.

The Yoli website has two example meal plans posted on their site that exemplify what the Yoli program is like and how the products are used.

On a Meal Day, the program resembles this:

  • Breakfast: a YES shake and a few strawberries or other fruit
  • Mid-Morning Snack: 7 jumbo shrimp or 2-4 ounces of protein
  • Lunch: A 500-600 calorie meal
  • Afternoon Snack: 2-4 ounces of grilled salmon (or other protein) and a side of broccoli
  • Dinner: YES shake

On Protein Day, the meal plan is a bit different and consists of these meals:

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  • Breakfast: YES shake
  • Mid-Morning Snack: 2-4 ounces of Greek Yogurt
  • Lunch: 2-4 ounces of deli meat or other lean meat
  • Afternoon Snack: 2-4 ounces of protein and 10-12 almonds
  • Dinner: YES shake

If you follow the Yoli program, you’ll also need to plan out your meals at some point, but the transformation kit includes a list of suggestions for different snacks and meals. Many users report that this program helped them to correct their unhealthy eating habits, and the high level of protein kept them full and energized.

Yoli also offers its followers the chance to subscribe to the Yoli blog or follow them on Facebook to get healthy recipes that add variety to the diet. The Yoli website also has recipes for the YES shakes that include other ingredients like almond milk, fruit, and ice in addition to the YES shake powder.

The Yoli blog also offers up different workouts that you can perform at home and discusses essential nutrients that should be in your diet. There is also an introduction to meal prep so that you can prepare healthy meals in advance, and various recipes that follow the Yoli meal plan.

The Best Selling Yoli Diet Products

The transformation kit that Yoli sells is one of their most popular products, which makes sense since it’s the starting package for all new users. This kit outlines how the program works and how the meals should look. However, there are several other products sold by Yoli on their website and other sites such as Amazon.

While the Yoli company encourages users only to buy their products from the Yoli website, the company also sells its products on Amazon for the same or slightly higher prices. When customers buy directly from Yoli, they can achieve “preferred customer” or “member” status, which also comes with different benefits.

Other popular Yoli products include Alkalete, which is a product that claims to adjust the pH of your body. Yoli claims that a change in pH can help you to lose weight. There is also a product called Pure, which is a product that aids with digestion. These capsules contain probiotics and fiber that allegedly enhance your gastrointestinal health.

There is also a line of energy and sports drinks such as Yoli Fun sports hydration packets, and Yoli Passion energy drink. These drinks come in several flavors such as strawberry kiwi, tropical melon, grape acai, and berry.

These products are typically costly, with each bottle ranging from $40-60. Packages of their products tend to start around $150, and the transformation kit costs $340, which lasts about a month.

Are the Yoli Products Safe?

Yoli products are free from preservatives, artificial colors, and sweeteners, but none of the products are made from all-natural or certified organic ingredients. There is also no full list of ingredients available for most of their products which is concerning. If you have food allergies, the Yoli products may not be the best option for weight loss.

None of the Yoli products have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as they are considered supplements. The Yoli products are also not meant to treat any illness, cure any health problems you may have, or prevent any diseases.

The structure of the Yoli company is seemingly set up like a multi-level-marketing (MLM) entity where the company recruits followers to buy products and sell it to followers of their own. Yoli is also known for bringing on famous individuals from other MLMs such as Toni Morgan who joined Yoli in 2012.

As with any weight loss program, the Yoli products may not be safe for everyone, and it’s a good idea to check with your doctor before making any drastic changes to your diet. For many customers, the Yoli protocol is effective, but it’s far from useful for everyone. It’s hypothesized that the most significant part of this program’s success is the diet plan provided to users.

Individuals who are able to follow the diet plan and eat according to the recommendations would be able to do that without spending hundreds of dollars on Yoli products with unknown ingredients. There have also been no clinical studies or any science to show that their products work and are safe.

Where Can I Buy Yoli Products?

Yoli products are available on the brand website where you can also apply to be a preferred customer, member, or distributor. Yoli also sells its wide range of products on Amazon but urges the customers to buy from their website directly. Buying directly from the Yoli website is also the best way to ensure you can return any product based on the refund policy.

You can also buy Yoli products through various members and their websites. It’s not uncommon for a distributor to put up a site dedicated to selling Yoli products and adding on to their commission through those sales. These websites may not offer the same customer service as Yoli or Amazon, so you should buy from these sites with caution.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

If you think you want to buy Yoli products, take a look at our list of things you should be aware of before trusting this company with your credit card information and your health.

Becoming a Distributor

The Yoli company requires that its members recruit enough of their own followers or customers to stay above what you are personally ordering so that you remain “active” as a distributor. However, the commission structure offered also requires that you are “qualified” which means that you have sponsored at least two other active members.

One positive feature is that Yoli pays out on its commissions every week, and you can choose to get your payment through direct deposit or on a Yoli Pay Card. There is a standard $2 fee to cover processing on all payments, and based on the tiny commission rate; this could be half of your payment in many cases.

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If you are interested in becoming a distributor, there are three packs that you can consider buying: The Pro Pack for $239.92, the Builder Pack for $119.96, or the Basic Pack for $59.98. This company is not a scam, but the low rate of commission and high demand for referrals makes it very difficult to make any money from your efforts.

Yoli was founded in 2009, which means the company is almost ten years old and still lacks the credibility of several other health and wellness companies. A few friends founded Yoli, and their executive team seems to focus on products that aren’t particularly innovative but marketed well.

The biggest problem that Yoli faces is that once customers achieve their weight loss goal, they tend to stop buying products. As a response to this problem, the Yoli company has created a “Lifetime Kit,” which includes products designed for maintenance and can be used to sustain your weight loss. These products are also available for auto-shipping.


Complaints regarding their customer service plague the Yoli company. In most cases, customers must pay return shipping to exchange a product even if the product they received is faulty. The company is also known for charging credit cards earlier than they told customers they would, and it is clear that getting a full refund can be very challenging.

There have also been a series of billing issues, and customers frequently have a problem returning products. The customer service department may issue a partial refund for opened packaging, for returning the products without the original packaging, and the thirty-day guarantee is challenging to get the company to stand behind.

The Better Business Bureau does not accredit Yoli, and most of the complaints surround problems with the products or customer service. The price of the products provided by Yoli is another frequent complaint as they can be costly. Customers also don’t have ingredient lists to understand what is in the products.

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