The A List Diet: Lose Weight Like the Stars

Obesity is a worldwide problem. But fortunately, there is no shortage of diet or exercise plans like the A List diet. The effectiveness of each of these fad diets are not proven. So how can you decide who to listen to? Every diet has a doctor or some self-professed medical professional behind it. So how can you tell the effective systems from the duds?

One way to try and gauge the effectiveness of a diet is to look at all the people that it has helped. And there are few diets that have helped as many people as the A List Diet. Formulated by Dr. Fred Pescatore, this diet as boomed in popularity recently, and has a large number of testimonials from both celebrities, everyday citizens and even foreign royalty.

The A List Diet claims to use amino acids and other compounds to boost your body’s metabolism to help you burn fat and look younger. Let’s take an in-depth look at this diet to learn how they created it, how it claims to work, what it can do for you, and what other options it offers.

The Founder

Before we get into the diet itself, let’s learn about the creator to see just how qualified and trustworthy the source is. Diets come and go, and many of their creators claim to be health experts without ever actually attending medical school or receiving medical training of any kind.

Gurus, charlatans, and crackpots can throw around titles like “nutritional expert” or “medical professional.” But without proper, demonstrable credentials they are little more than snake oil salespersons. The founder of the A List Diet, however, is about as legitimate as they come.

Dr. Fred Pescatore MD, MPH, has a wealth of experience, degrees, memberships to prestigious international and national health organizations, and his own practice in New York. He is also a best-selling author of diet and nutrition books. And he even has a best-selling kids nutrition book titled Feed Your Kids Well.

Before opening his practice, Dr. Fred worked closely with the late great dietician Dr. Robert C. Atkins, famed creator of the Atkins diet. He also used to be president of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists and is currently a member of the American College for the Advancement of Medicine.

At present, Dr. Pescatore is also on the editorial board of Total Health and US Weekly magazines as well as a regular contributor to network TV shows. He’s no headset wearing TV salesman. Dr. Fred is an experienced and award-winning nutritional doctor and best-selling diet and nutrition author.

His Previous Work

Before making waves with the A List Diet, Dr. Pescatore gained national fame for his best-selling diet book, The Hamptons Diet. This diet was a hit for being a low-carb alternative that mirrored the eating habits of the rich and famous clientele that Dr. Fred works with in New York.

With a heavy emphasis on Mediterranean ingredients, the diet does not completely omit things from the diet like no carbs or no salt. This philosophy makes for a delicious diet that doesn’t seek to punish you for trying to lose weight.

People describe the Hamptons Diet as what would happen if you combined the South Beach Diet, Atkins Diet and Mediterranean diet into a super nutrition plan. It borrows from several successful diet programs to create one that improves on them. It has many celebrity endorsements from Hollywood stars, mostly women.

The main criticism of the Hamptons diet was that it did not introduce many new concepts or techniques. It was a successful diet system. But it wasn’t anything groundbreaking. Dr. Fred Pescatore sought to remedy this with his new diet, the A List.

The A List Diet

The “A List” is a play on words of sorts. It seeks to conjure up the glitz and glam of the Hollywood elite and high society. It promises to help you look like an “A-lister” or top-level celebrity. The A, however, does have a legitimate purpose, standing for “Amino acids.”

Dr. Fred claims in his A List diet book that he has found several “protein booster” amino acids. These compounds supposedly kick start the metabolism and help you lose weight as well as look and feel younger. You can find these amino acids and their functions on his “A List” in the book.

Now, just about any diet can help you lose weight. Monitoring and limiting your intake of food is bound to help you lose at least some weight. But the A List diet goes a step further and claims that not only does it help you lose fat off your body, but it does so safely and more quickly than other popular diets out there. The secret is the amino acids combined with limited carb intake.

Helping Your Body Help You

The A List diet uses these hand-picked amino acids to help your body burn more fat into energy. It does this by activating and maintaining your natural metabolism. Our bodies produce some of these amino acids themselves as amino acids are the building blocks of vital proteins. However, scientific studies from Japan showed that increased dietary intake of amino acids aid significant and, perhaps more importantly, quick fat loss.

This idea might lead people to believe that simply eating a lot of protein will do the trick, but of course, this is not the case. Many sources of protein are nutrient poor and don’t provide the right kind or the right amount of amino acids needed to fully rev up your metabolism, according to the A List book. Shortfalls in these compounds can have the opposite effect; a sluggish and underperforming metabolism.

By identifying quality sources of the correct amino acids in the right amounts, the book claims to put you on the path to quick and easy weight loss. It doesn’t just give you a list of foods to eat, though, it also tells you what to avoid. The A List diet is a low carb diet that restricts but does not eliminate the eating of carbohydrates. By controlling which and how much carbs you eat, you can balance your blood sugar and cut down on cravings.


But implementation is everything with diets. You can’t just look at the good food list and go to town. Much like the Atkins diet and other low carb diets, the A List diet works in phases. Let’s take a look at how you implement the diet so we can get a good idea of how easy it is to pull off.

Phase One

Commonly referred to as the “reset phase,” this step is common in many program diets. It supposedly gets you ready for the long-term effects of the diet by removing “toxins” from your body and improving the health and amount of gut bacteria present in your intestines. A healthy and diverse bacteria population has been scientifically proven to provide a wealth of health benefits.

Phase Two

The second phase helps you discover what type of dieter you are. Everyone is different. So it should go without saying that there is no “one size fits all diet.” The A List diet puts you into one of six categories:

  • Perimenopausal women who are between the age of 43 and 53 years.
  • Women who are in their 20s and 30s.
  • Menopausal or postmenopausal women who are over the age of 50.
  • Young men who are in their 20s and 30s.
  • Andropausal men who are over the age of 40.
  • Diet challenged men or women who have unique body conditions that make dieting difficult or less effective.

Once your type has been determined, the A List diet zeroes in on your amino acid and carb requirements to help you lose weight fast, down to your target weight. How long you spend here depends on what kind of dieter you are and your weight loss goal.

Phase 3

The final phase is the stabilization phase. Once you have reached your target weight, your diet shifts to one of maintenance. It becomes less restrictive and supposedly helps you stabilize your metabolism long-term so that you feel energetic for years to come.


The real money maker of the A List diet is the supplements. Getting the amino acids that you need, and the compounds needed to make them effective is difficult to impossible to do without supplements. Dr. Fred sells all of the amino acid supplements you might need for this diet. He also sells probiotics and other vital supplements that are not amino acid-based.

These supplements are available all over. And many brands are offering them on the internet. So, it isn’t as though Dr. Fred is selling some magic beans that only he has. The amino acids on the A list aren’t new discoveries. But how they are used to facilitate weight loss is a recent development that Dr. Pescatore has helped pioneer.

Food for Your Future

The A List diet is not a one size fits all dieting solution. It is a program that uses trusted techniques and recent science to create a dieting system to help you lose weight fast. Whether or not it will work for you is dependent on your circumstances and commitment. However, if you are looking for a study-backed diet from a high-profile nutrition professional, then the A list is worth checking out.

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