What Is Swole Foods, and Why Should You Care?

Dieting isn’t exactly a popular word. To many, just the thought of swapping out their favorite meals for vegetable plates and smaller portions is enough to give them anxiety. Not to mention the anxiety you get from the extreme jump in the cost of groceries. What if there was a way to still enjoy rich, flavorful meals while cutting out the calories and eating healthier? You might be thinking, “Yeah, right! Talk about a pipe dream.” But Swole foods has set out to do just that. So, what is this company, and do they live up to their claim to fame?

Whole Foods or Swole Foods?

It sounds strange rolling off the tongue as if your mouth is aching to form the word “whole” instead. Swole Foods is a meal plan company located in Fort Worth, Texas. They deliver weekly dishes to your doorstep for a set price. Their goal is to create healthy meals without sacrificing flavor or costing their customers a fortune.

Their packages are broken up into three meals for every day of the week. And you can cater each to an already existing diet or allergen restrictions. It isn’t just food, though. This company advocates a complete lifestyle change to help users achieve their fitness goals.

The Food

So, what makes Swole food so special? Is it as nutritious as they claim, and are you actually going to enjoy it? These are important questions to ask for any diet. But the honest answers are usually not what you want to hear. In this case, get ready to be surprised.


On the nutrition end, everything checks out exactly as it should. Each meal is a healthy balance of carbs, proteins, and fats that yield an incredibly low caloric intake. There is virtually no salt or sugar in any dish. And they pack each to the brim with nutrients.

Simply changing your diet to Swole’s meals is enough to see weight loss, if that’s what you’re looking for. If simply eating healthier is your main reason for dieting change, then you’ll be able to feel the difference in about a month. It’s a well-balanced diet, backed by nutritional science and fact.

The Taste

This is the deal-breaker for all too many otherwise great diets. The food can be as healthy as it wants. But without quality flavor, there’s little hope that anyone will stick to it. Thankfully, you’ll be eating real food made with fresh ingredients.

See if any of the following sounds appetizing to you:

  • Chicken breast sautéed in Sriracha with fresh pineapples
  • Turkey meatballs tossed in a zero-sugar, low-calorie BBQ sauce with low-sodium ranch seasoning
  • Sweet potatoes stuffed with your choice of turkey chili or BBQ chicken
  • Quinoa pasta topped with cauliflower alfredo
  • Fresh eggs nested and fried in Ezekiel bread with avocado, onion, or bell pepper
  • Lemon rosemary potatoes

Is your mouth watering yet? That’s just a small sampling of the wide variety Swole has to offer. It’s hard to imagine that any of these could actually fit the profile of a healthy diet. But they have masterfully crafted dishes with real benefits.

Are the Benefits Real?

Will you feel healthier after eating this diet? The truth is, everybody’s biochemistry is different. Some people will feel like a million bucks, while others might not notice much of a difference. The key factor is the lifestyle you’re currently living.

If you find yourself eating a lot of fast or junk food and getting little to no exercise, then eating healthier is guaranteed to help you feel a difference in your body. If you’re already deep into nutrition and in the practice of eating healthy, then you might just notice the benefit of not having to cook from scratch.

So, the benefits are most certainly real. Whether you’ll notice or not is another story. However, Swole foods recommend making an entire lifestyle change along with eating their pre-made healthy meals.

The 29-Day Challenge

Swole Foods treats fitness as a lifestyle, not just a commodity or hobby. In addition to their meals, they challenge you to change the way you live for 29 days.

This challenge involves absolutely no cheat meals or fast food, zero alcohol, and increasing your physical activity by one hour a day. That’s rigorous. And it should come as no surprise that those changes in combination with their diet will bring about the change you’re looking for.

If you can last the entire 29 days, you will feel a physical change in your body in the form of more energy, better health, and a more positive sense of wellbeing. Plus, you’ll save money at the same time. Not just on alcohol, either.

Actually Affordable

Whether you choose to accept Swole’s challenge or not, you’ll find that their meal plans beat out a majority of major grocery store chains in price. Normally, eating healthier comes with a higher price tag. Why is an organic product made without added chemicals or junk more expensive? Take your best guess. No one really knows why.

Since Swole makes meals from fresh ingredients on site, they can deliver them to you at a reduced cost. Whether you pick the 7-day, 14-day, or 29 -day program, each meal breaks down to roughly $5 a pop. That’s cheaper than any fast food meal and certainly less expensive than a full meal put together from items bought at the grocery store.

The pricing for their 7-day program, consisting of 21 full meals, starts at $90. That’s less than most people spend on food in a week, and each dish is a complete meal. The pricing simply adds on another $90 for each week from there. So, the 14-day program is $180, while the 29-day program is $360.

Catering to Different Diets

Are you Gluten Free? Vegetarian? Strictly Paleo? Do you have any foodborne allergies? Do you avidly count your macros? Not a problem.

Swole gladly specializes their meal plans to meet your needs. Tell them a little bit about your dieting specifications, and they’ll swap out ingredients to make sure each meal is perfect for you. Unfortunately, the only diet they do not cater to at the moment is Vegan.

On the bright side, each meal is delivered fresh without the use of freezers. They also practice handling procedures that ensure no cross contamination occurs. So, if you had an allergy or were worried about Gluten making its way into your meal, you can rest easy.

Taking Things One Step Further

If you really want to make the most of this dieting plan, 29-day challenge or not, then it is highly recommended to use a fitness app. Eatthismuch is an excellent product that you can pick up on Google Play or the iTunes App Store.

This nifty fitness helper includes a calorie calculator that helps you make sure you never go over your daily limit. And it can even create meal plans for you based on the information you put in. This comes from another company with the “fitness is a lifestyle” mentality, making it a great combination with Swole foods.

The app makes eating healthy a subconscious thought by automatically picking out food options and recipes designed to meet your caloric and macro targets. If you’re looking for a prison burrito or prison spread, you aren’t going to find it here.

When used in conjunction with your meals from Swole, you can keep a record of exactly how beneficial each meal was, compared to what you were eating before by entering each one’s calories or macros. The ability to visually see your progress is highly beneficial when starting a new dieting program. It will help you to stick with it for the long haul.

As you progress through the food delivery program, this app will let you know whether you need to cut back or eat more. Simply give the company a call, and they’ll be happy to cater the plan to meet your needs.

Breaking the Fad Diet Mold

Swole Foods isn’t another “lose weight quick” diet filled with false promises and poor nutritional knowledge. This company dedicates themselves to their customer’s health and fitness goals. They also prove that a healthy meal doesn’t have to taste like cardboard.

With a wide variety of scrumptious dishes to choose from and plans that cater to any specific dieting need, they beat out their competition with a level of care and value that you just can’t find anywhere else. Plus, you won’t have to spend a fortune to take care of your body with healthy food.

Centering their values around fitness as a lifestyle choice, Swole has created a diet that offers real results you can feel within a month and actually enjoy eating. Kick the fad diets, take the 29-day challenge. And get ready to feel better than you ever have in your life.

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