Ideal Protein Reviews: Does This Diet Really Work?

The Ideal Protein Diet is a ketogenic program designed to deplete your body of its glycogen reserves and forcing it to burn up fat and ultimately lose weight. Our Ideal Protein diet review will take a close look at these claims.

The program includes pre-packaged snacks, soups, and meals that you should take in at specific times. The company has engineered these foods so that they’re medically formulated to be very low in fats and carbohydrates.

The diet aims to stabilize the body’s blood sugar and stimulate weight loss by providing your body with optimal amounts of protein on a planned schedule.

From a theoretical point of view, this makes total sense. If the body is forced to use of all its glucose and turn fat into energy, you should lose excess fat and lose weight. The body normally runs out of its glucose reserves in three days. So, you can expect to see results in less than a week.

A lot of people say that the Ideal Protein diet and ketogenic weight loss program are two similar diet plans with different names.

Is Ideal Protein Diet and Ketogenic Weight Loss Diet the Same Thing? 

The ketogenic program is a diet plan that’s low in carbohydrates, high in fat, and moderate in protein.

Normally, carbohydrates undergo a glycogenic process in which they are broken down into glucose. With the help of the insulin from the pancreas, excess glucose is then stored in the body as fat reserves.  The liver then produces ketones that promote the breakdown of fatty acids into energy.

The Ideal Protein meal plan is a form of ketogenic weight loss diet designed to starve the body of its glucose reserves and reduce it to a ketosis state. In this case, your body has no option but to break down its fat reserves for energy.

From credible Ideal Proteins reviews, here’s what to expect from the product.

How Does it Work?

Since the program is formulated around the idea of achieving a significant calorific deficit, you’ll find all sugar removed from the diet completely. This allows the body to efficiently burn the fat and protein reserves for energy purposes.

While it is not necessary, a lot of people visit Ideal Protein clinics to get started on the program. At these centers, you will be assigned a fitness advisor who will discuss with you the objectives, intensity, and time frames of the diet program.

Once you’re done with the first consultation, you’ll be put on a four-phase diet plan. Each phase is different and has its own meals and goals. This structure will help make the process less intensive and increase your chances of attaining your target weight.

All the phases revolve around eating meal plan products sold exclusively by Ideal Protein. The pre-packaged meals are well-balanced and taste great to stave off hunger while producing the much-needed calorific deficit.

Here is what’s included in each phase:

Phase One: Weight Loss

The average weight loss for men following the diet is five to seven pounds per week and three to five pounds for women.

During the first stage, you will consume at least three Ideal Protein diet meals and one regular meal to prepare the body. The regular meal should be very low in carbohydrates and fats and should mostly be comprised of proteins and fresh vegetables like cabbage, lettuce, and spinach.

Phase one of the program doesn’t have a specific time frame – it will depend on the individual. You’ll only move to the next phase if you have attained 70-80 percent of your weight loss goal.

Phase Two: Stabilization

In phase two, you’ll increase the number of regular meals and reduce eating the Ideal Protein Diet meals. For this stage, you should increase to two regular meals and decrease to two Ideal Protein meals every day.

The meals should follow the same composition as those in phase one. You’ll remain in phase two until you attain 100 percent of your total weight loss goal.

Phase Three: Reintroduction

In this phase, you’ll reintroduce moderate amounts of fats and carbohydrates into your meal plan. You should consume healthy carbs and fats in the mornings. You should also take two self-prepared meals and one Ideal Protein meal per day.

This phase should take you about 14 days.

Phase 4: Maintenance

The fourth phase is the “life-plan” or maintenance stage of the diet program. Your goal here is to return to your normal healthy eating routines without the Ideal Protein pre-packaged meals and while maintaining your new shape and size.

This phase is based on a number of principles:

  • Maintaining an adequate amount of protein without relying on the Ideal Protein meals.
  • The principle of dissociation where you separate fats and carbs during lunch and dinner.
  • Have a cheat day once a week and indulge yourself.
  • Eating often enough. Even with a busy lifestyle, do not starve yourself.

What are the Main Benefits of the Ideal Protein Diet?

Quick Weight Loss

Unlike other weight loss regimes, the Ideal Protein program allows your body to lose weight very quickly by utilizing the stored fats for energy. In just a few weeks, you’ll be able to see tremendous results.

Controlled Blood Sugar

With the low-carb, high-protein meals, your blood sugar levels will be more regulated. In fact, an Ideal Protein diet is proven to prevent diabetes.

Normalized Appetite

The fatty acids in the tissues are more reliable molecules for producing energy than carbohydrates. However, the body will always prefer to go the glucose route because it is much easier and faster to process.

With this diet program, your body does not have any other option but to use the stored fats for energy. When fatty acids are oxidized, they leave the body in a more satisfied and satiated state. This will help to improve our appetite.

Increased Mental Focus

An Ideal Protein diet can greatly improve your mental focus and performance. With a low-carb diet, your body will produce ketones in abundance. Ketones are a good source of “brain fuel” – they nourish the brain. And the results are high concentration levels and increased mental focus.

Additionally, having weight loss goals set, will give you the much-need motivation and mental strength to overcome other obstacles in your life.

What Ingredients are Used in Ideal Protein Meals?

The Ideal Protein menu is complex — there are so many items included in the meals that it’s difficult to give a comprehensive list.

Nonetheless, you can be sure to find no sugar in their pre-packaged meals as this is the guiding principle of the whole program.

According to the company, the program uses whole foods with high protein content and very low amounts of fats and carbs. Moreover, there are no artificial compounds or flavors added to the products. The natural ingredients selected are fresh and high-quality.

Some meals may contain potential allergens, and some may include non-vegan items. So if you have strict dietary requirements or have allergies, you should check the ingredients before you buy. You can also visit an Ideal Protein clinic and get a personalized meal plan.

Even though there’s no official breakdown of the individual ingredients or macronutrient content of Ideal Protein meals, here’s a typical selection of some of the meals the program provides:


The meal plan also includes a wide range of delicious desserts designed to be high in protein and low in carbohydrates and fats. These include raspberry mousse mix, vanilla, raspberry gelatin mix, and chocolate flavored mug cake.


The breakfast package includes maple flavored oatmeal, cheese omelet mix with fine herbs, chocolate pancake mix, bacon-flavored omelet, and cheddar cheese mix, as well as apple flavored oatmeal.

These meals are well-balanced and highly nutritious, offering a wide variety of minerals and vitamins. Even better, they are very tasty.

Protein Shake  

The Ideal Protein program also provides a milkshake that can be used in place of whole meals. It is low in carbs and high in protein – it contains 18 grams of protein, 6 grams of carbs, and 110 calories. It comes in three awesome flavors: vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate.

Some of the ingredients that customers claimed were included in the shake include:

Cocoa Powder

This powder used to make this protein shake is alkalized to moderate the antioxidant activity. It also contains caffeine.

Milk Concentrate

This is basically dried skim milk. Compared to whey and other natural forms of proteins, this is of inferior quality.


The sugar of the shake is derived from sugarcane and beets. This sugar has no nutritional value but adds taste to the product.

Xanthan Gum

This is a food thickener made from fermented sugar. It is extracted from corn, soy, and wheat – which are common allergens.


This is a stabilizer and thickener that is used in many processed foods. It also does not have any nutritional value.


This sweetener has no nutritional value but adds taste to the shake.

Acesulfame Potassium

An artificial sweetener that’s known for stimulating increased insulin secretion.

Where Can You Buy Idea Protein Products?

Ideal Protein products are quite costly. You should, therefore, weigh the costs to the benefits before you make a decision.

You can buy them on the official Ideal Protein website. Also, if you go to a local Ideal Protein meeting. you will find various meal packages and supplements sold by representatives.

You won’t find it in your local stores or pharmacies.

The Bottom Line About Ideal Protein

Ideal Protein is simply a high protein, low carb diet program. From many Ideal Protein reviews, many customers claim that the program is easy to follow, but keeps you very hungry.

Another serious concern to keep in mind is that you will be taking less than 1,000 calories per day with the diet program. This could be dangerous for some people.

Furthermore, because you will be consuming fewer calories, it will be hard to exercise (which is paramount in the diet program). And not to mention constant constipation from the low-carb, high-protein intake.

Another issue is the fact that Ideal Protein advertises itself as an all-natural company, but in reality, they are not. Their protein shake and other products contain artificial additives and preservatives.

Ideal Protein Reviews

There so many high-protein, low-carb diets that you can follow that are way cheaper and less intensive on your body. You may have to cook your own meals, but this is better than taking pre-packaged meals with preservatives.

Finally, most physicians recommend that you lose no more than two pounds per week. However, with the Ideal Protein program, you can lose up to five to six pounds in combination with a very low caloric intake. This can have some pretty serious side effects on your body. If you are thinking of enrolling, consult with your physician first.

Bottom line – although the dieting program claims to help people lose weight faster and keep fit thereafter, in most cases, people will start gaining weight as soon as they start to reintroduce carbs and fats into their body.

As such, it is commendable that Ideal Protein was ambitious enough to come up with such an aggressive diet program. But it is not a system that will work for the majority of overweight people who are apparently the target market. But if your physician approves of it, well and good.


  • Helps people lose weight faster and keep fit thereafter


  • People will start gaining weight as soon as they start to reintroduce carbs and fats into their body


Our Rating

Good Deal


Any Alternatives? 

If you have gone through Ideal Protein reviews and found that it is not for you, you can take a more attainable approach. Rather than swearing off specific types of food at a particular period, you can make significant changes to your diet and lose weight slowly.

Make an effort to cook your own meals at home when it’s time to eat. Freshly-cooked meals are way more effective during the first stages of a weight loss diet program than processed and prepackaged meals.

But dieting alone will not help you lose pounds. You have to combine it with a routine workout regime. Unlike the Ideal Protein plan, you will not be working out to use up all your glucose reserves, you’ll be doing it to keep fit and stay healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is diet soda discouraged during the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method?

Drinking diet soda isn’t totally barred, however, the creators of the weight loss method discourage it as much as possible. They advise people to limit their diet soda intake to only two drinks per day or no soda at all. The reason is that they encourage your sweet tooth and you might feel surprised to find that your cravings could last longer before finally being defeated.

Is the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method considered a high, medium, or low-calorie diet?

The protocol would be considered a medium to low-calorie diet whereas the Alternative Plan, which incorporates additional foods from Groups I, II, and III, would be considered a medium calorie diet. Neither protocol is considered a hypo protein diet, nor a hyper protein diet. The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method offers the optimal quantity of proteins, vitamins, and minerals required to ensure the proper functioning of all body systems.

Is Ideal Protein worth the cost?

While the initial cost of the package may be high, it’s definitely worth it considering the good results that this diet has provided to people all around. As long as you follow the instructions and keep at it for ideal periods of time, you’ll have no trouble losing weight or keeping your cravings at bay with ease.

Final Thoughts

For all intents and purposes, having a protein-based diet brings fantastic results as long as you also have the willpower to exercise and keep at it.

Combining a balanced diet and exercise is a more successful way of weight loss and maintenance than either one alone. That’s the secret, in short, to gain the perfect body. If you’ve found this information useful, please feel free to share the article with other people who might be interested in this subject. Also, feel free to start a discussion in the comment section down below.

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