How Financial Fitness can Reduce Stress

When you run, swim, or climb, or undergo any kind of physical activity, your body creates endorphins, also known as “happy hormones”. They contribute to a general state of well-being that helps reduce stress levels. A general level of fitness makes you more likely to lightly exercise throughout the day, which will boost your endorphins and ultimately lower stress. However, you might be surprised to find that physical fitness is not the only kind of fitness that can help you with that!

What is Financial Fitness?

Financial fitness is both a mental approach and a state of being. In short, being financially fit means that you do not live beyond your means or build unnecessary debt. To be more precise, it is a system for prioritizing your needs, thinking ahead, planning for the future, and saving for your wants. While it may seem restrictive at first, financial fitness is actually the healthiest approach you can take.

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Why Do We Need It?

Did you know that three in four Americans feel anxious about their finances and their future? According to a Mind over Money new survey, 58% of the people studied agreed that finances are the main aspect that controls their lives. Moreover, a 52% segment has stated that controlling money issues is difficult. Amongst the most common worries, the following were recorded: managing debt, the fear of retirement without a stable financial situation, and simply keeping up with daily spending habits. When financial stability becomes a real problem, financial fitness comes to the rescue. Here are four ways in which financial fitness can reduce stress:

1. Financial Fitness Offers Stability

Well-exercised muscles allow you to stand, or walk balanced on thin lines and beams, or to get yourself out of a tight spot. Similarly, having a good savings account with money for rainy days will help you cross difficult periods without much worry. Knowing that you have a cushion to fall back on allows some time for you to look around for the best opportunity – one that will offer you a more stable future. It also erases the stress of not being able to afford the next set of bills and the pressure of finding a job immediately.

2. It Helps you Sleep Better at Night

Better sleep means better performance and less stress. This is why being financially fit is so important! You can afford to track your sleep and see what can be done to improve it. Maybe you need a new mattress. For that, you need to keep a cash flow and see when you can make the investment. One thing is clear: if your sleeping patterns are affecting your health, you should consider saving up and purchasing a good quality product.

3. Allows You to Plan For The Future

When tomorrow is assured, you can afford to plan ahead for the next week, month, or even year. You can set goals and get started, with nothing standing in your way. With some willpower and a good workout plan – a financial workout, that is – you can even build up your savings while enjoying the things you like!

The most common impediment for not getting started with your savings right away is human nature. Some of us are really bad at keeping track of our expenses, but this isn’t something to be ashamed of. You could be a very busy person, or your thinking may work at maximum potential in a more turbulent state of mind. Luckily, nowadays you can skip the manual tracking of your expenses and use a financial awareness app! Qube Money, for instance, will not only help you save some money by teaching you how to lower whatever you spend the most money on in your day to day life, but it will also show you how your spending behavior changed over time. What makes Qube Money different from other budget tracking apps is the very intuitive interface and the possibility to create separate envelopes for each category of spending you’ll require. Pretty cool, right?

4. It Reduces Overworking

Rome was not built in a day! Just like you cannot expect your muscles to become stronger after one workout, or lose weight after one day on a diet, you’ll need some patience to get your finances fighting fit. Now, working more than is necessary might seem like a good option to strengthen your finances, but in time, the stress produced by the constant pressure will burn you out. Instead, begin with the right mentality, work a healthy amount, take breaks, and be patient. You will get there eventually! This is, after all, the basis of fitness of any kind: do only as much as you can afford to do.

Bottom Line

By being financially aware and fit, you have created an environment in which you only work a healthy amount, so you have time for other activities that you enjoy. You will be able to make plans for the future while aware of the steps you need to take to achieve them. Nevertheless, you will be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep and the comfort of financial security. Now, you can take some time and truly relax. And this is how financial fitness can reduce stress!

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