Figure 8 Fitness Review: Is It Worth It?

If you have ever searched for a dance-inspired weight loss program, chances are that you’ve stumbled upon Figure 8 Fitness. Now you’re probably wondering if it is worth it or not, case in point why we’ve thought about creating this article. Before understanding whether this program is good for your specific needs or not, you need to know how it works.

The one thing that attracts people about this program is that the creators promise it’s fast, completely natural, and efficient. We’re going to try to look through the scientific research, data, and, most importantly, user reviews to see if it indeed works. And, where it works, to see for whom exactly it works. But before starting, let’s see what this program is all about and what are its basic rules.

What Is Figure 8 Fitness?

Figure 8 Fitness is a workout dance program that’s full of fun and energy. It’s a vibrant and, quite frankly, reinvigorating program once you get the hang of it. Like any sports program, it will be hard at first, especially if you’re extremely out of shape. However, once you get to the nitty-gritty of things, you’ll soon realize that Figure 8 Fitness has quite the potential.

This program is advertised to be a great fit for women of any age, and it has become quite popular since 2016. With that said, there are a lot of subscribers who are pretty happy with it. However, not all of them are pleased. Particularly people who are absolute beginners when it comes to anything sports-related. In any case, the program promises to maximize fat loss by targeting solely your core muscles. Figure 8 Fitness includes the following things:

  • Nutritional blueprint
  • Fitness guide
  • Success tracker
  • Workout journal
  • 14 coaching and workout sessions (DVDs)
  • App and web access available

However, there are a few downsides that you should consider when jumping on board. First off, the subscription-style program is a little limited compared to some competitors. While others offer flexibility, the Figure 8 Fitness subscription is pretty fixed. Moreover, some buyers did complain about the lack of quality customer support. Finally, the fact that classes can feel repetitive and that they can be hard for sports beginners can be quite a turnoff.

How Figure 8 Fitness Works

First and foremost, you’re going to need some equipment before starting. However, you shouldn’t feel discouraged because the equipment required is minimal. You’ll need some resistance bands, an exercise mat, and, optionally, a pair of dance sneakers. Sure, you can use regular sneakers, but some people might find them a bit too clunky for the type of dances that you’ll be going through during the Figure 8 Fitness program.

Figure 8 Fitness Costs

Most people who search for offers online will pay about $47 for lifetime access or through an extra $9 per month subscription bundle that includes access to the entire Body FX network. This payment gives you access to the programs via the Body FX app and their website, but if you want physical DVDs you’ll need to pay an extra few bucks for the shipping.

In any case, the cost is relatively low considering the amount of content you’re getting. Given the fact that it costs less than a AAA video game, we think that the money is well-deserved, considering that you’ll be losing at least a few pounds throughout the process depending on your body type and metabolism.

Layout and Format

When purchasing the program, you get an email from Body FX with your login details and other important things. Don’t delete or misplace that email because it is extremely important. Some people have found the welcome page to be a bit tedious and full of important info but also text that you could otherwise ignore.

The Platform

You can simply log into the platform from any smart device, including PCs, laptops, Smart TVs, phones, tablets, and whatnot. However, the platform itself is pretty basic, with a dashboard that leaves a lot to be desired. The fact that the progress bar, schedule, and guidebooks are all located at the bottom doesn’t help either. Also, there’s nothing all that interactive about the platform itself. It might as well just be a regular PDF with hyperlinks.

The App

Now you might be thinking that the app might be a bit better, but it’s not necessarily the case. If you’re streaming on a computer, there’s really no reason to use the app as you can stick to your web browser and it’s basically the same thing. As for mobile, the app is disappointingly simple. However, the one redeeming quality is that it lets you download the videos in case you want to workout somewhere without an internet connection.

The Videos and Their Format

Most of the videos are 30-40 minutes long, with the added option of scrubbing through to the interesting parts. However, there are also a couple of shorter videos that are quite useful mixed into the program. Some people have said that they would’ve preferred the having more shorter videos rather than the longer ones where you have to scrub a lot to get to the important parts if you want to re-view only those bits.

The bad part is that there are no timestamps either. You have to search separately for the timestamps online to get to the parts that you want to practice more. That’s an oversight that we can’t accept in this day and age. Also, another awkward aspect is that one some of the long videos, you need to perform the exercises in the first half on one day, and the other half on the next day. This makes it even more obvious that they could’ve been split into smaller sections to make things a little easier.

The Program Itself

At a basic level, the program lasts for eight weeks, after which you’ll need to go back from the start if you want to lose more weight. In that sense, the exercises can become repetitive and even tedious. However, some people might enjoy the idea of having a fixed routine that they know they can count on. The moves require a bit of practice, so being “forced” to repeat them is a plus because you need to really get the hang of them if you want results.

Another good part about this is that you get to train your core muscles efficiently and burn fat as long as you also respect the program’s diet regime. Yes, Figure 8 Fitness also includes a dietary program that should help you lose weight without starving yourself, so it should make things slightly easier for you. Figure 8 Fitness sounds like a program that anybody can follow, as long as there is a schedule followed and, why not, a passion for music and dance.

Figure 8 Fitness Results

After eight weeks on this program, the average total weight loss can reach 11.5 pounds. Within the first week, you should already start seeing some progress. The long-term goals that you have set for yourself when taking up Figure 8 Fitness, on the other hand, can only be reached through effort and a regular diet. Of course, it is entirely up to you to choose how serious you are about this, but the truth is that it will never work that rapidly if you don’t set a very organized schedule for yourself.

This may come difficult to those with very busy daily routines, but the best chance for results is never missing a day of it. Nevertheless, if this is something you really want to do, you should take the challenge and go with it 100%. Even with a busy schedule, Figure 8 Fitness is a daily activity that doesn’t take a long time but does involve some preparation and getting into the sort of rhythm one needs in order to cope with other daily responsibilities. In comparison to other programs, Figure 8 is fairly easy to integrate into your daily routine.

Figure 8 Fitness is a program based on fitness and dietary adjustments, meaning that the whole process is 100% healthy. While other fitness programs may suggest supplements or extreme dietary rules, Figure 8 is a natural process and could benefit your entire lifestyle.

Figure 8 Fitness Side-Effects

Whereas some can go through this process effortlessly, others could deal with some minor side effects. It is almost needless to mention that any physical or dietary program will always show different results in people. Sometimes, particular physical excercises can turn out to be challenging for some.

Figure 8 Fitness Method is open to women of all body sizes, ages, and fitness levels. Everybody is welcome to participate in this cardio dance program, as there are no obvious disadvantages. Nevertheless, we focused on user feedback and comments to find out what real customers have to say. The fact is that some people have complained about the exercises, saying these are too difficult and that it is not entirely pleasant for those with previous back problems. Other than that, the risk of injury while performing these exercises is equal to that of any other fitness program out there, and here we are talking about slippery mats or bumping into furniture.

All in all, if you are not aware of any back problems, Figure 8 Fitness should be okay to try.

Watch Figure 8 Fitness on YouTube

If you are not convinced that Latin dance-based fitness is really your thing, there’s always the option to search YouTube for it. They have their own channel with 42.3K subscribers and around 20 videos. If you have some time to go through them, you will definitely get a much better idea of how Figure 8 Fitness really looks like and what others have to say about it. Also, you’ll know this is the real deal as their channel is official. The first thing that stands out is the dynamic nature of the program. This is a very active and rather social type of weight-loss routine, but this doesn’t mean that doing it at home won’t be equally as fun. These are 30-40 minute videos you can always watch in your living room and dance while losing weight and working on your muscles.

Not a Fan of Dancing?

Those who have parted with dancing long ago may wonder if this is something they could actually do. Well, the general opinion is that people with rhythm difficulties won’t be able to keep up with the speed of such exercises. Not being a fan of dancing may battle with the thought of spending 8 weeks fitness dancing on Latino music. The good part is that some people find that the repetitiveness of the exercises can easily take away one’s mind from the dancing impediment. You can always give it a try at home to be sure this one’s right for you.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Figure 8 Fitness seems like a challenging, but fun fitness program. It’s open to everybody, suitable for both social and groups and those who prefer to spend more time at home. The costs are low, and it seems like you would be getting everything you need in order to follow the program properly. Eight weeks might seem like a long time, but it really isn’t. You can get programs and diets that go on for more than a year. In essence, it is the daily exercise that everybody should normally get, with a diet that is designed to help you keep up with the program.

If you are still wondering whether this program is for you or not, you can always listen to opinion of former participants in this program. The advice is to keep an eye for things that others have been doing wrong while following the program, so that you can avoid doing the common mistakes. Whatever you decide to go with this program, another, or none at all, physical exercise should always be an active component in our daily routines. A weight loss program might just be the right incentive.

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