Disc Golfing – The Best Low Impact Outdoor Exercise!

As the spring and summer months come, the sunshine beckons us back outdoors! Maybe, like me, you find yourself looking for things to get you out of the house for some much needed exercise and entertainment. Disc golfing might just be the thing you try this summer!

The Benefits

No matter your age, disc golf is sure to be fun! That being said, disc golf is a very low impact sport which draws many players who are older, or already have health concerns which bar them from rigorous exercise. As anyone looking to get healthy knows, getting out of the house is one of the best things to get you started on your exercise journey.

Disc golf, unlike other exercise regiments, is primarily a sport! This sport’s field is outside in the sunshine. Getting out of the house for your exercise is not only motivating, but is also good for your health! Both our physical health and our mental health improve when we obtain Vitamin D the old fashioned way: sunshine!

Depending on the course you choose to play on, and your own motivation, disc golf is primarily a slow game. A main draw to the game is the ability the player has to set the pace. You could choose to take your time on the course, making it more of a casual stroll through the park. Or, should you want to get your heart pumping, you could choose a hilly course and take a more fast paced power walk approach. Regardless, the exercise obtained from disc golfing is more of a slow burn from walking for up to three hours than it is a hard and fast 30 minute routine.

All in all, disc golfing is easy on the knees and joints, allows the player to set the pace, and gets you out of your house and into the sunshine! Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

Getting Started

Disc Golf, unlike most sports, has a very low barrier to entry. To begin this fantastic experience, all you need are some discs. The kind of disc you initially get is really up to you! As you progress through the sport, should you want to become more involved, you can always replace your discs with better ones, but initially, any disc will do.

You play disc golf on an outdoor course, usually located at a local park! You can find public courses available all across America. With no fines, fees or barriers to entry, most all courses are free! This makes disc golfing as a source of exercise extremely convenient! No more worrying about a monthly gym membership!

The game itself is fairly straight forward. Aim at the disc basket and throw the disc! Try to make it into the basket in as few throws as possible. Depending on the terrain of your course, this is made easier or harder. Watch out for trees!

That is it! It really is that simple to get started in this fantastic sport. Some discs, a public course in your neighborhood, and a visor to keep the sun out of your eyes are all you need to get started!

Getting Involved

Should you decide this sport is for you, you can always look outward for more support in your community! If you have a local disc golfing course at a public park, chances are, there is a Volunteer Committee dedicated to upkeeping that course! You can check your local library or community center for information on these clubs or committees. There is almost always a Disc Golfing club in your community you didn’t even know about! They are likely to not only maintain the course, but also host events! For a list of official events, check out the PDGA website to search your local community!

Aside from local and community actives, disc golf is a great sport you can do with your family! You can get your kids out of the house and being active while getting a nice workout at the same time! Remember, disc golfing with little kids is less about accuracy or perfection, and more about creating a love for the outdoors and finding fun ways to get active!

If you become really invested in Disc Golf, not only as a means of personal exercise, but also as a form of entertainment, you can stream national events and other tournaments online! Like any sport, you can pick your favorite professional players and learn how they play. You can get more information of their play style, stats, and other information about the sport in general from a fantastic resource called Statmando. And, if their developers are to be believed, soon, Statmando will allow you to create your own account and keep track of your own stats and game in order to improve!

If you are looking for a great source of exercise this summer, look no further. Disc golf is easy to get into, easy on the knees, and a great opportunity for your whole family to get outdoors.

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