Best Weight Loss Vests – Everything You Need to Know!

Even with the right diet and exercise, trying to lose weight can eventually plateau. When this happens, your workouts need to either increase weight, duration, or you need to have something else to help you keep going. The best weight loss vests will allow you to maintain your workouts and increase your heat and sweat, resulting in faster calorie burn.

This review will cover the best weight loss vests for men and women while discussing the materials, features, and the pros and cons of each one. We will suggest a clear winner at the end to help you decide which vest is best for you.

How Do They Work?

They design these vests to be worn either under or in place of, your workout attire. They work by adding heat and pressure to increase the amount you sweat, similar to being in a sauna.

The increase in sweat makes your body burn more calories and in effect, lose more weight. Most of the vest concentrate on the chest, abdominal, and waist areas, including those hard to deal with love handles.

Unlike a Sweatz Vest, they did not make these vests to be disposable. You can wash and reuse these weight loss vests for years to come with only one purchase.

How To Use A Weight Loss Vest

Using a weight loss vest is simple enough: you put it on. Some will have zippers that allow you to put them on like a jacket. Others will have Velcro straps that you can wrap around to ensure a tight (or loose) fit. Some other versions will just be compression-based, and you slip them on like a t-shirt (or like a dress from the bottom up).

Once the vest is on correctly and in place, you can wear your normal workout attire over the top of it. There is nothing else you need to do. The vest will create extra body heat in the area it touches and makes you produce more sweat and burn more calories.

Who Should Use A Weight Loss Vest?

They designed these vests for use by anyone with an active lifestyle that wants to burn extra calories while doing what they already do. Those looking for a shortcut to weight loss and do not partake in regular fitness activities will not benefit from the vests.

If you work out regularly and have noticed a plateau in the number of calories you burn, a weight loss vest will help get you moving again.

Sweat Is Just Water Weight, Right?

While sweating to lose weight is removing excess water from the body, and a short-term answer for a quick pound or two, the best weight loss vests take it a step further. You aren’t just losing water weight.

Your body will have to work to produce the extra sweat demanded by the vests. So while you will lose the water weight, you will also burn calories in the process that aren’t replaced by your next sip from your sports bottle.

The vests also rely on tension or compression and concentrate on the core. This will help you maintain your posture and proper body alignments during your workout, making your routine more effective, resulting in a better workout and faster weight loss.

What Should You Look For?

When deciding on a vest, you need to pay attention to the materials and the fit more than anything else. Neoprene, Nylon, and polyester are the most common materials used in weight loss belts. You should consider cleaning, care, and maintenance when making your choice. You will need to clean them regularly.

The fit is also important. They designed a lot of the available vests to reshape your core. This will require a tighter fit. If you are only after the sweat-producing benefits, then you will need to opt for a larger size or a vest that doesn’t have compression.

Adjustable vests are a good idea for those that are unsure exactly what they are after. You can make them tighter if you decide you want the compression fit, or looser if you just want to sweat more.

Some people have a sensitivity to neoprene. You should pay particular attention if you do, or if you are unsure. If you experience any redness, swelling, tingling, or discomfort, you should remove the vest immediately.

They design most vests to help control odors. However, you should always s read the labels and instructions before putting the vest on. You may be required to cold water soak the vest or hand wash and air dry before its first use.

One other aspect to look for is the sweat absorption ability. Some models will wick the sweat away from your body while others won’t. This is a personal choice for most, so you will need to decide which type you are after before making your purchase.

The Best Weight Loss Vests

We present the top five weight loss vests as chosen by a number of purchases and top reviews for you here. We have taken the guesswork out of choosing the best vest for your needs.

1. Comery Waist Trainer Zipper Vest (Men’s)

Wonderience Men Waist Trainer Vest Hot Neoprene Sauna Suit

Comery makes a sauna weight loss vest comprised of 80 percent neoprene and 20 percent nylon. The zipper allows you to put the vest on easily and adjust to your needs.

For those with a slight neoprene sensitivity, they designed this vest to be worn either under your clothing or on top of it. You will still sweat, no matter how you wear it. It’s slimming design also helps support your lower back and core; resulting in better posture and increased support for workouts.

This vest is a tank-top design so you can wear it under work out attire without worrying about sleeves or arm compression. They also designed it to wear daily while you work out, go to the store, or just lounge around the house.

When you wear it, you will sweat more and burn more calories.


  • Zipper front allows for simple dressing.
  • Compression supports spine and core.
  • Promotes better posture.
  • Enhanced calorie burn.
  • Can be worn over or under clothing.


  • Does not wick sweat.
  • The zipper can become intrusive.
  • Not machine washable.

2. Lypotop Hot Sweat Slimming Vest

LYTOPTOP Hot Sweat Slimming Vest Body Shaper

For women, support and sweat need to concentrate in different areas. Lypotop addresses these areas with a neoprene, nylon, and polyester vest that you slip on.

Without needing zippers, straps, or Velcro, you can get the fit you desire. If you want the slimming properties, we encourage you to buy your regular size. If, however, you just want the calorie-burning effects of extra sweating, we recommend you buy the next size larger.

The design of the vest makes it able to support your spine, waist, hips, and core. This will produce a slimming look and a natural S-curve for your body.


  • No Zipper or straps to get caught or snagged.
  • Supports the spine and core.
  • Slimming effect to help maintain your figure.
  • Will make you produce up to three times more sweat.


  • Can be difficult to get the correct fit.
  • Neoprene can cause skin irritation.
  • Must be hand washed after every use to prevent odors.

3. Tailong Hot Neoprene Workout Vest (Men’s)

Tailong offers a zippered front weight loss vest designed to provide maximum support and a sauna effect sweat. The 90 percent neoprene and 10 percent polyester will make you sweat and keep you dry.

The vest was made to work from your shoulders down to your waist, providing back support and core reinforcement while producing up to three times more sweat and calorie burn. The tank-top style vest is a compression vest to help maintain the slim look while being worn.


  • Will wick sweat away better than most other options.
  • 90 percent neoprene makes your body work harder.
  • Zipper design allows you to wear it with comfort.
  • Tank top design fits under most athletic wear.


  • Must be washed after every use to prevent odors.
  • The zipper can get caught on other clothing.
  • Compression is not optional.

4. Comery Waist Trainer No Zipper Vest (Men’s)

Men Waist Trainer Corset Vest for Weight Loss

Another entry from Comery, the no zipper vest provides support, extra sweat, and comfort without the need for a zipper.

You can still wear it over or under clothing and will slip on just like a t-shirt. Compression along the spine and around the core adds stability, posture and proper form when working out.


  • No zipper to get snagged or caught on clothing.
  • Helps support posture.
  • Can be worn over or under clothing.


  • Not machine washable.
  • Does not wick sweat.
  • Correct size can be difficult to determine.

5. Gotoly Womens Neoprene Sauna Vest

Gotoly Women's Neoprene Sauna Vest with Sleeves for Weight Loss

They designed this zipper front weight loss vest from Gotoly to give compression, support, and make you sweat up to three times more. Made of Neoprene, Microfiber, Nylon, and spandex, it will fit under any type of clothing whether you are working out or going shopping.

Added support for the spine allows for better posture and proper form. The new design is an open bust that allows you to wear your own bra while providing lift and slimming the waist. Compression fit and zipper front closure gives you the option to wear it at any time.


  • Open bust design allows the use of any bra underneath.
  • Slimming compression promotes proper posture.
  • Zipper front makes it easy to get on.


  • Hand wash only.
  • May be irritating to sensitive skin.
  • Five sizes make it difficult to get the right one at first.

In Conclusion

The best weight loss vests will give you the freedom to wear anytime and with any clothing. They will give you spine and core support to help posture, form, and work out routines. The best of the best will also allow for optional compression for days you need it and days you don’t.

For men, the clear winner is the Tailong Hot Neoprene Workout Vest. This vest offers compression, spine and abdominal support, improves posture, increases sweat and wicks it away to help keep you dry.

For the women, the winner is the Lypotop Hot Sweat Slimming Vest. Compression where you need it increased body heat and sweat and without zippers or straps so you can wear it under any type of clothing.

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