Best Ways to Exercise in the Winter

It’s no secret that exercise is the primary key to a fit and healthy lifestyle. But when the temperature drops and snow starts to fall, staying motivated and finding ways to stay active can be challenging. Maybe it’s the weather or laziness, but winter usually is when people are least likely to exercise. The cold breeze can primarily deter you from getting outside and engaging in physical activity.

But since you need to burn those holiday calories, here are the best ways to exercise in the winter months and some practical tips to stay motivated:

Bundle Up and Go Running

Even if the sky is grey, the snow is falling, and it’s chilly outside, taking your workout outdoors can be a refreshing experience. In addition to getting some fresh air, you tend to do it more often when you run in nature. Layer up with clothing that keeps you warm and dry, and bring along a phone for safety.

Take Advantage of At-Home Options

If the cold weather is not your cup of tea and you prefer to stay indoors, plenty of at-home options are available. Invest in some home workout equipment, or get creative with what you already have. You can use household furniture and objects to create a high-intensity workout. Jumping jacks, burpees, crunches, and pushups are all great options for getting some winter exercise at home.

Join a Gym or Exercise Class

Gyms often provide the perfect environment for a practical winter workout. Most gyms offer a variety of classes like Zumba, spinning, yoga, and aerobics. Working out with others has been proven to help keep you motivated, and joining a class can be a creative way to burn calories while meeting new people and having fun.

Gyms also provide complete access to the equipment you may not have at home, making it easier for you to stay on track with your fitness goals.

Find a Workout Buddy

If you need extra motivation to get off the couch and walk into the gym, consider finding yourself a workout buddy. Having someone by your side when you exercise can help keep you accountable and make working out more enjoyable. Plus, having someone to talk to while you exercise can make it feel more like a social activity and less like a chore.

Schedule Regular Exercise Sessions

To stay consistent with your fitness routine in the winter, you must set a schedule and stick to it. Make sure you plan your workouts realistically so they won’t be put aside. You can also try setting small goals that you can realistically achieve and reward yourself for meeting them.

Go Skiing or Snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding provide an excellent workout for your whole body, burning hundreds of calories and toning your muscles. Many ski resorts offer winter packages with discounted rates, so you can enjoy a day on the slopes without breaking the bank. Plus, these activities are great for bonding with friends and family while getting some exercise at the same time.


No matter how cold it gets, there are plenty of options to stay active in the winter. All you need is determination and creativity to get moving and keep your fitness goals on track. So bundle up, and don’t let the cold breeze keep you from getting fit this winter. Following these tips will make it easier to be active and healthy even when the temperature is less than ideal.

How do you like warming up in cold weather? Comment your opinion down below.

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