The Best Portion Control Plates to Get You Healthy

Portion control plates are an easy to implement tool that can help you get your weight under control. When combined with other weight loss techniques, they are a relatively cheap resource with minimal effort required to use them.  Despite their simplicity, not all portion control plates are the same, and different models offer varying value and functionality.

Different Portion Control Plates and What They Do

Simply put, a portion control plate is a specially designed plate that restricts the amount of food you can put on it. And it usually denotes what you should be putting on your plate and how much. It sounds simple, but overeating and excessive portion sizes are some of the leading causes of obesity in America. Portion sizes in restaurants have nearly tripled in the past 20 years, leading to the obesity crisis we see today in the U.S.

A portion plate attempts to fix this problem by reducing plate size. It also sections off parts of the plate and instructs users what to put in each section. In this way, the plate helps the user to eat a balanced diet, as suggested by nutritional scientists. No more measuring volume or weight. Just fill the section with the recommended food group (whole grain, fruit, vegetables, protein, etc.).

Eating a variety of food types ensures that your body has what it needs to be healthy, beyond just consuming fewer calories. The American Diabetes Association suggests eating a more balanced diet to regulate glucose levels and lose weight. Diet to Go reviews are generally positive if you’re looking for a delivery service, and can help by picking your food for you. This option is, however, more expensive than doing it yourself, and you get less choice.

Is It for Me?

If you aren’t sure whether or not you need a portion plate, ask yourself a few questions. Do I feel pressured to finish a meal and clean my plate? Do I often end up feeling uncomfortable or sick because I overeat and get too full? Am I usually going back for more food? If you answered yes to any of those questions, a portion plate might help you curb some of those behaviors. They are significant contributors to overeating, and the portion plate will force you to break those bad habits you’ve been struggling with.

What Do I Look For?

So, what should you look for when choosing a portion plate? Start with your goals. If your goal is to reduce the portions you eat, then there are plates for that with no food information. If you wish to balance your diet to help get your weight under control, several plates have detailed information printed on them that tells you what goes where. Some plates even have pictures and illustrations on them to help drive the point home; it’s a great feature for kids’ plates.

You should also take into consideration where you will be using this plate. Some are designed simply for use in the home; as regular plates or plate coverings. However, there are also portion control containers that can be sealed and taken on the go. These are perfect for lunches at work because you can avoid ordering out or relying on fast food. If you often microwave your food at work, then that is something you have to keep in mind because not all containers are microwave safe.

Next, consider how you do your dishes. If you use a dishwasher exclusively for your washing, make sure to find a plate that is dishwasher safe. Not all of them are, either because of their material, or their construction.

With the bad press certain chemicals are getting in the media, it’s usually not a problem keeping an eye out for them. Most plastic products are already PVC and BPA free. These compounds have been linked to health problems when consumed, so it’s best to avoid them.

The Products

Here are some of the best portion control plates on the market that we have collected to give you some options to consider.

Choose MyPlate 10 inch Plate for Adults & Teens

This plate has a simple design that is easy to read and understand. It is plastic, but it is also BPA, phthalates, and PVC free. It is also quite sturdy so it won’t break easily, and it’s dishwasher safe. Just pop it into your washer with the rest of your dishes.

A colorful design adorns this plate, which reminds users what to put on the plate and in what portion sizes. The MyPlate was designed by a dietician to ensure that users can easily identify and gauge which amount of which food type is appropriate.


  • informative yet straightforward design engineered by a dietician.
  • Portions Set to USDA guidelines.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • Sturdy plastic that is free of harmful chemicals.


  • Portion sections are not raised or separated, so foods may mix or slide into other areas. This may make portion control more difficult or affect taste depending on preference.
  • Plate is quite slippery, so this exacerbates the separation problem.
  • The plate is not microwave-safe. The type of plastic used in its construction is called melamine which, while safe to use, is not certified safe after being exposed to high heat and microwave radiation.
  • A bit on the large side.

Portion Control Plates Kit from Precise Portions

An elegant set of portion control plates that comes in sizes for adults and kids. This model of plate does not have flashy colors, labels, or illustrations. They are for the customer who still wants to have presentable and attractive dishes while still maintaining portion control. The plates sport a plant motif, with vines pictured on the surface which divide them into dietician engineered portion sizes.

This skinny plate has no dividers to separate food. This has some drawbacks that we covered above, but the lack or raised dividers lends to the plate’s aesthetic and makes them easy to stack or nest. They are made of high quality porcelain so not only are they sturdy and beautiful, but they are also dishwasher and microwave safe.


  • Aesthetically pleasing design that is unassuming. Not obtrusive or obvious.
  • Made of high quality porcelain, not plastic.
  • Easy to clean. Microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Comes in pack of several plates for the whole family.


  • Portion sections not clearly denoted. May cause portion control errors.
  • No raised section dividers.
  • Plate is standard size, which may be too big for hardcore dieters.

KD Brands 21 Day Portion Control Diet Container Set

Portion control containers are different in appearance than these other plates, but the function they serve is the same. They are a collection of plastic, airtight containers designed to hold the right amount of each food type. Each container is labeled, so you know what to put in which container. They are great for taking to work, the gym or to school.

The 21 Day Portion Control Diet Container Set also comes packed with extras. Upon purchasing, you can sign up for emails from the manufacturer that will send you a food list, recipe e-book, and day diet guide.

The containers themselves are color-coded and easy to read. The labels are also on the plastic itself; no tape or paper labels that will wash off. The containers are reusable and microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe.


  • Portable for use at work or school.
  • High-quality plastic that is free form BPA and DEHP free.
  • Easy to clean. Microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe.
  • Color-coded and labeled. Each container holds the right amount of intended food type.
  • Included diet information and recipes.


  • Multiple containers do not connect or stay together. May move around loose in a bag.
  • Lids are not as secure as they should be. May come loose after rigorous jostling.

La Boos Square Portion Control Plates

This option is excellent for users who are mindful of the materials they use. They make these square portion control plates from high-quality bamboo and as such are naturally antimicrobial and plastic-free. Not only is this better for you, but also the planet you live on.

The plate has raised portion sections with labels etched right onto the surface. There is also an extra section for “favorites.” This section is best for desserts or other kinds of approved food types that don’t mix well with others. Remember, cheat days are important for morale and helping you stick to a diet. Just don’t have cheat weeks.

The bamboo material is unfortunately not suitable for a microwave or dishwasher. It is not unsafe, but the finish would wear off quicker and reduce the life of the product. The plate is still tough and won’t shatter like plastic or porcelain, but repeated exposure to heat and strong detergents will weaken it over time. Hand wash this one.


  • Labeled, with extra portion section.
  • Bamboo material is tough and free of plastics.
  • Simple and aesthetically pleasing design.
  • More environmentally friendly. Made of 80% recycled materials.


  • Available for sale only individually.
  • Not recommended for microwaves or dishwashers.

The Winner Is:

For our money, the best bet is the La Boos Square Portion Control Plates. They are attractively designed like the porcelain plates but are less fragile and more functional with their labels and raised portion dividers. The bamboo material is preferable to plastic, despite it not being dishwasher safe. Dinner time is the most important meal to control portions, so we picked the plates over the containers. They are a safe and beautiful way to help you lose weight.

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